Freezing Cold Collapse in Woodridge

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Bone-chilling temperatures have gripped the Midwest all winter long. The Chicagoland area has seen a record number of consecutive days below zero (not including windchill factors). Unfortunately for homeowners, bad weather does not stop problems from happening. In reality, extreme weather in any form compounds the initial problem, making the situation much worse.

A homeowner in Woodridge Illinois had a particularly tricky problem to fix. The camera inspection found sewer pipe that had collapsed outside the house. Making the problem worse was the fact that this pipe was eight feet deep, it was -14 degrees outside, the ground was completely frozen, and the city main was all the way across the street.

Woodridge city ordinance states that the homeowner is responsible from the house, all the way to the city main. The city then assumes responsibility from there on. Sometimes the city main is just off of the yard, or on the sidewalk. Sometimes though, it is in the middle of, or even all the way across the street. Needless to say, if you must rip up the street and block traffic for weeks, as well as having  to pay to repave the street, it will cost a fortune. When a problem such as this arises in sub-zero temperatures, who are you going to call? GhostBusters? NO! This homeowner called Ben Franklin Northern Illinois, and they were out the very next day.

By locating the pipe and digging a small access pit at the point of collapse, Ben Franklin Northern Illinois was able to re-line the existing pipe using the revolutionary Perma-Liner technology. Perma-Liner sewer lining uses only one long piece of seamless liner. It is then cut to the exact specifications and length needed. Once inside the pipe, the new sewer is guaranteed by Perma-Liner. Ben Franklin Northern Illinois stands behind the Perma-Liner guarantee, then ups the ante by offering a 50 year fail safe, transferable warranty. This gives the homeowner considerable peace of mind knowing the sewer is just one less thing they have to worry about.

What condition is your sewer in?

Can it withstand the onslaught of water about to hit when the snow melts?

Call Ben Franklin Northern Illinois for a sewer inspection today!

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