Earth Day Energy Conservation Tips

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Did you know that in 1995, 386 million people lived in areas of water stress or water scarcity? Today that number has grown to 1.2 billion.

On top of that, according to Reader’s Digest, 1 in 16 adults admit they never make an effort to conserve water. That’s harsh – especially since the number of people living in areas of water scarcity has increased by more than 200% in just 18 years.

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing wants to make it possible for every American to do their part to conserve water, and in honor of Earth Day (April 22) we’ve compiled a list of tips to do so. (Not to mention, conserving water with these tricks will cut utility bills!)

Consider the following:

  • By replacing an existing showerhead with a powerful high-efficiency model, you can enjoy the same water pressure and time spent in the shower while saving water and money
  • By installing an ultra-high-efficiency toilet, you can save up to 18,000 gallons of water a year and up to $120 per year on water usage annually
  • Toilet leaks are major problems that go undetected, so we recommend dropping a “toilet dye” tablet in the toilet tank and closely monitoring the toilet bowl. If, without flushing, blue water appears in the bowl within half an hour, your toilet has a leak that needs to be repaired
  • Water heating alone can account for 14% – 25% of the energy consumption in a home. Be sure to check your boiler regularly to make sure it’s clean and running efficiently. If you think you need to repair your boiler, call one our plumbers.

Call Benjamin Franklin Plumbing service today to learn about our special Earth Day offers and federal rebates for energy-efficient appliances.

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