Clay Tile Sewer Pipe Disaster in Mount Prospect

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Sewer pipes come in several different materials. Each type has it’s usefulness, but bad consequences. A particular home in Mount Prospect happened to have it’s sewer made from clay tile. Clay tile is a cheap and widely used material to build a network of sewer pipes. Stability however, is eventually the downfall of clay tile sewer pipes. One little crack or bad joint, opens up room for roots to get in. Once roots are in the pipe, it’s only a matter of time before the pipe can no longer withstand the pressure of the ground, and finally collapses.

It just so happens, the camera inspection revealed that the sewer for this particular home ran directly under a tree, bushes, a sidewalk, and a busy street in Mount Prospect. As you can imagine, it would have cost a lot of time and money for all that work. Luckily for the homeowners, Ben Franklin Northern Illinois was able to solve the problem without the time and expense of ripping up the yard.

Ben Franklin Northern Illinois, with the assistance of Perma-Liner Technology, was able to fix the problem for the Mount Prospect homeowners in only a matter of days. By digging a small pit to access the completely collapsed pipe, Ben Franklin Northern Illinois, using Perma-Liner technology, was able to line through the existing pipe all the way to the city main. This gave the homeowners a new sewer, peace of mind, and a 50 year transferable warranty while saving them thousands of dollars along the way.

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