Cast Iron Collapse in Cary

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Many people think cast iron pipes are the way to go. They are supposed to be strong, durable, and inexpensive, but this is not always the case. Due to the contents inside the sewer, cast iron is subject to rust and rot. There are three major reasons cast iron sewer pipes lead to backups. The problems that arise are eroding of the bottom of the pipe, decaying of the top of the pipe, and deterioration around the joints.

The constant flow of a mixture of water, sludge, bacteria, etc, lead to embedding of a channel in the bottom of the pipe. Overtime, that channel deepens to the point of completely eating away the bottom of the pipe until there is nothing left. The next reason the pipe is in danger has mostly to do with the nature of septic systems, although pipes not on septic systems may be subject to this as well. The septic system creates a hydrogen sulfide gas. If the pipe is not vented properly, the gas rises to the top of the pipe. It then slowly corrodes the top of the pipe to the point of total decay. Once this happens, the pipe can no longer sustain the weight of the ground, and will cause a total collapse. The final reason cast iron pipes fail is due to the deterioration of joints. When a sewer is installed, it isn’t with just one solid, seamless 100 foot section of cast iron into the ground. Generally, 10-20 foot sections will be used, and pieced together with a mixture of lead and thread. As a matter of fact, the origin of the word plumber literally means, “one who works with lead.” The lead deteriorates at a more rapid rate than does the pipe, causing the joints to break apart and separate from one another.

A camera inspection showed that this particular cast iron collapse in Cary was the hydrogen sulfide gas from the septic decaying the top of the pipe. Mud, rocks, debris, etc made it’s way into the pipe. Eventually the structural integrity of the pipe was gone, and had totally collapsed under the slab and foundation wall. Luckily for the homeowners, Ben Franklin Northern Illinois has seen and dealt with this problem before. Sending fully certified, licensed, and trained professionals, Ben Franklin Northern Illinois was able to completely re-line the entire sewer pipe from within by using the wonderful technology of Perma-Liner. Ben Franklin Northern Illinois dug a small access pit at the point of collapse, took exact measurements, and in it went. The homeowners in Cary now have a brand new sewer. Along with the new sewer, Ben Franklin Northern Illinois and Perma-Liner have teamed up to provide the homeowners a 50 year, fail safe, transferable warranty. Giving the homeowners total ease of mind is what Ben Franklin Northern Illinois is all about.

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