Ben Franklin Plumbing and Perma-Liner: Leading the Way in Trenchless Technology

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The City of Geneva recommended Ben Franklin Plumbing of Northern Illinois to a builder who needed to line a sewer pipe located under Rt. 25 in Geneva, Illinois.  The 100 year old home that sat on the property was being torn down and a new home was being constructed in its place.

The builder would have had to dig up Rt. 25 and replace the old sewer pipe made of clay tile. This process would have required an IDOT (Illinois Department of Transportation) permit because Rt. 25 is a state highway and it would have had to been closed to traffic while the work was being done.

Ben Franklin Plumbing was able to clean and line the old cracked and crumbling pipe that was full of debris instead, using their Perma-Liner pipe lining system, eliminating the need to tear up Rt. 25 in Geneva. Several months worth of time and thousands of real dollars were saved by use of the innovative Perma-Liner technology. Ben Franklin Plumbing of Northern Illinois is proud to be the certified Perma-Liner installer for all of Northern Illinois. Videos of before and after were taken and shown to the happy customer (see Read More link).  Click here to learn more about the Perma-Liner solution.

Before Perma-Liner: Cracked, Crumbling Pipe, Full of Debris

After a thorough cleaning by Ben Franklin Plumbing

After Perma-Liner: Clean Pipe – A Job That Will Last the Test of Time


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