Ben Franklin Northern Illinois saves rustic log cabin home

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A beautiful log cabin home in Warrenville had a tough problem to fix. The previous owner of the home had elaborate landscaping throughout the lawn. The previous owner also made it so all of the storm water from the neighbors was funneled through a stream to a retention pond that filled up, then flowed through the rest of the yard. It’s a pretty sight….when it wasn’t flooding.

The problem facing the current owners was all the rain water flowed through 60 feet of plastic corrugated pipe that was rough and broken. During the spring months, the bad pipe led to major backups and flooding. The current owners didn’t know what to do. To rip up the landscaping, a large tree, and a deck built above the pipe, would have cost a fortune. Luckily though, Ben Franklin Northern Illinois came to the rescue.

Ben Fraklin Northern Illinois sent fully certified, licensed, and trained installers to the home. With state of the art technology supplied by Perma-Liner, Ben Franklin Northern Illinois was able to line through the existing pipe without the mess, expense, and time consumption of the past. Ben Franklin Northen Illinois, with the assistance of Perma-Liner technology, was able to save the day (and the wallet) for the couple in Warrenville.

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