Ben Franklin fixes Popeye’s pipes without disrupting business

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Popeye’s on Lake Geneva

The Popeye’s Restaurant in Lake Geneva had a major problem with sewage backing up into the restaurant on a regular basis. The bottom of the cast iron pipe running down the middle of their dining room had rotted out from all the acidic liquids traveling down the pipe (soda pop, tomato sauce, ect.) If they had tried to fix this problem with the conventional method of digging up and replacing the pipe, it would have shut them down for weeks.

Ben Franklin of Northern Illinois,  a certified Perma-liner installer was called in to instead, line their sewer pipes. Ben Franklin was able to do the job during the restaurant’s closed hours, saving the restaurant tens of thousands of dollars in restoration and loss of business. They got the job done with no disruption to business, quickly and permanently! Now they are back in business with a 50 year warranty!

Ben Franklin Plumbing and One Hour Heating and Air Conditioning are some of the most experience technicians anywhere on the relatively new Perma-Liner sewer lining and air duct lining systems. They can help you too. Fix your clogged or broken sewer lines with out digging. Clean out your air ducts without tearing up walls and floors. Call to discuss your problem with our knowledgeable staff and lets get going on fixing your problem today!

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