Another School Saved From Having to Dig Up Grounds

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pipebeforeJefferson High School in Rockford had a major problem. A pipe in the school had rotted to the point of leaking sewage through the concrete wall in the weight room. The gym and football equipment, as well as the lockers full of gym clothes were almost completely contaminated by this raw sewage. Worse still, was the problem that this particular pipe flowed just under the hallway that serviced classrooms, shop sinks, bathrooms, and the water softener.The camera inspection uncovered many feet of unusable, broken sewer pipe.

Ben Franklin Plumbing of Northern Illinois was able to solve this entire problem in a matter of only two days with the new trenchless technology, Perma-Liner.  They cut out part of the broken pipe from the wall where they were able to get right up to the pipe. Perma-Liner technology, performed by Ben Franklin’s licensed and fully qualified installers, was able to completely re-line the existing pipe without breaking up the concrete or digging a hole in the ground. The end result was to give Jefferson High School a clean, hazard free environment, peace of mind, and a 50 year warranty. Can they do the same for you? Call Ben Franklin of Northern Illinois today!

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